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路地 Name: きき [2006/11/19,10:12:37] No.28 Reply
>> gCzrDJoGAszINI Name: Nodin [2011/08/10,12:06:24] No.31
I have been so bewlideerd in the past but now it all makes sense!
>> (new) ePOUOdVHQluTcUmS Name: Wind [2011/08/11,03:33:08] No.36
Hey, that post leaves me feelnig foolish. Kudos to you!

Title of a picture:img20061114005054.jpg -(181 KB)

七五三 Name: きき [2006/11/14,00:50:54] No.27 Reply
でしょうかねぇ いろいろとネットで価格を見ながら何とか手が届きそうなのを見つけたら我慢できずに一本いっちゃいました(^^ゞボケ味を楽しむようなレンズは手が届きませんね(T.T)このレンズはちょい広角気味の標準レンズとして便利そうです〜
>> fAFRErVcDAxTgjL Name: Macco [2011/08/10,13:42:45] No.32
If information were soccer, this would be a goooaool!
>> (new) NMvDCynBMFfmQ Name: Nook [2011/08/11,02:19:00] No.35
Wow, this is in every repcset what I needed to know.

Title of a picture:img20060827012047.jpg -(311 KB)

お大事に Name: きき [2006/08/27,01:20:47] No.25 Reply
>> VpmKjLusPkWVzGemNMd Name: Delphia [2011/08/10,17:07:07] No.33
Good point. I hadn't tohught about it quite that way. :)
>> (new) NKWwMZojXVNyRoGN Name: Bobby [2011/08/11,00:24:28] No.34
Holy concise data bmaatn. Lol!

Title of a picture:img20061109004544.jpg -(184 KB)

ふたつ Name: きき [2006/11/09,00:45:44] No.26 Reply
>> NoMBhMhNtusVhioxJmS Name: Louise [2011/08/10,08:14:03] No.30
Hey, sbtule must be your middle name. Great post!


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